• La Gazzetta di Forlė
  • "Enthusiasm for those mosaics"
  • Rudy Branchetti, La Gazzetta di Forlė - 3 Gennaio 1991
  • Il Resto del Carlino
  • "Modern solution of the use of mosaic...Not only from a craftmade viewpoint but also as an artistical business, completely independent and personal"
  • Rosanna Ricci, Il Resto del Carlino - 4 Gennaio 1991
  • La Gazzetta di Forlė
  • "Mosaic covered tables, mirrors, lamps and containers prove thet mosaic doesn't belong to the past, but can make strike our everyday living with ancient echos. Mosaic then not only to see, as a pure painting option, but to use and live." 
  • La Gazzetta di Forlė - 30 Novembre 1992
  • La Voce di Forlė e Cesena
  • "Adele Zavatti has worked toghether Carlo and Renato Signorini to restore the floor mosaic of the cathedral in otranto. Adele is well known for her original artistic mosaics, whose sparkle of colours brings to light the chromatic beauty the passion becomes art." 
  • La Voce - 9 Aprile 2003
  • Corriere Cesenate
  • "With mosaic I celebrate the tradition and Itry to find new ways"

    "Is a old rythm the hammer that broke the matter and a modern heart who use this matter to buil mosaic works" This are the words that presents Adele Zavatti......The Malatestian city (Cesena) has enough time to enter in confidence with this original artistic proposal......

  • Pa Corriere Cesenate 14 ottobre 2005
  • Corriere Romagna
  • "Glass, a puzzle of life and colour"Adele's show opening very well attended, peoples find a travel in the past of the artist....Adele Zavatti's works with a colours rain, push the visitor in a world back in time but also further modern,and than brin him always to Roman age................   
  • Corriere Romagna 18 October 2005
  • Il Resto del Carlino
  • Mosaic in show in Cesena by Loggiato Gllery...colors,lights from those stone...Adele Zavatti shows a history of her production....
  • Il resto del Carlino 12 10 2005
  • La Voce
  • Casamia (Le case e le cose pių belle da copiare)

    The first that switch on our curiosity was a Forlė's artist Adele Zavatti, with a collection of innovatives mosaics........her works are a fusion of classic and modern where the final solution is never foreseen......all the persons can copy from the past but how many are able to dress this art with original and new ideas? Adele does it................  


  • Monica Rossi- February 2006
  • Mosaic Art 2005 ebook
  • A collective portfolio of contemporary mosaic art....As it recites the subtitle it "a celebration of the incredible diversity and creativity of contemporary mosaic art" in this ebook published in USA that collects approximately 400 artists from all the world appears also two works of Adele... to see or to acquire this modern publication      
  • Bill Buckingham and Lynn Moor 2005
  • Mosaic Art 2 2006 ebook
  • A collective portfolio of contemporary mosaic art created in 2006 by 413 artist throughout the world.747 original mosaics in all mosaic materials and styles on CD-ROM.

  • Bill Buckingham 2006